Services & Rates

Myokinesthetic System

$20-30 per treatment


The MyoKinesthetic System was developed by Dr. Uriarte, DC.  It is the muscle movement technique that corrects and balances the nervous system.  It is known to alleviate pain, increase function/movement, improve and balance posture, decreasing compensatory symptoms.

The MyoKinesthetic System re-educates the muscles on a neurological level to accelerate the healing process. It is a non-invasive treatment designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate patient’s chronic and acute symptoms. Treatments are generally under 30 minutes and administered to the client completely clothed. The results have been enormously successful.

Upper Body Issues:  Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, anterior scalene syndrome, deltoid tuberosity pain, burning in the mid-back, numbness in the shoulder/arms/fingers, Golfers/tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, feeling of losing your grip. 

Lower Body Issues:  Low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, piriforms trigger points, shin splints, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy (numbness/tingling) in groin area/leg/calf/foot/toes.


Therapeutical Massage

$55 per 60 minutes

Therapeutical massage is an integration of modalities ranging from deep tissue, myofascial release, positional release, muscle energy technique, and traditional Swedish strokes to affect structural changes and restore normal function.

Massage session:  $30 (30 minutes);  $55 (60 minutes);  $80 (90 minutes)

Jin Shin Jyutsu

$45 per session

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient oriental Art of harmonizing life energy within the body.  It is a disarmingly simple system of acupressure. It lays out a set of 26 "points" along the major energy pathways of your body. If one of your pathways becomes blocked, this creates stagnation in your energy field and leads to illness or discomfort.

In a typical Jin Shin Jyutsu session, which lasts about one hour, the receiver remains clothed and lies face- up on a cushioned surface. After "listening" to the energy pulses in the wrists, a practitioner employs a harmonizing sequence, or "flow," appropriate for unblocking particular pathways and restoring the energy to the energy rhythm of the universe.

A "flow" is a series of hand placement combinations (using the "safety energy locks") that stimulates circulation of energy along a given pathway. There are many such pathways in the body, each with a distinct function or essence.

The whole experience is very relaxing, nurturing, and therapeutic.